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Lawrence, Homeowner, Pleasanton CA

I had a nagging 3 way electrical switch problem that previous electricians could not fix. I put my order on Fixetude, and I selected Igor. Не was very professional and helpful. Highly recommend him!

Tanya, Homeowner, San Ramon CA

I had a bumper issue on my new Subaru. I wanted to fix it but was totally frustrated with the price from my body shop. I placed the ‘Help me decide’ order on Fixetude. Wally came to fix the problem on the same day and did it in my garage. Great guy! Thank you very much!!!

How Fixetude Works

Find a Pro

There are three ways to find a good professional. First, browse Pros on the Local Pros page, review customer ratings and endorsements. Second, ask for referrals on the In Your Neighborhood page by sending a message to local members. Finally, just place an order and pick a Pro you like from the bidders. In our model, you always decide who gets the job.

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You can select one or more services from the same professional category, for example Electrical. Choose from standard and unique “signature” services offered by the Pros or provide your specific requirements. Order a consultation if want to discuss your project with a Pro first. In our model, the labor costs are always known upfront, you don’t have to guess or negotiate.

Selected services

Rate the Pro

Please take a moment to rate the Pro when we send you a reminder shortly after the job is marked completed. Your rating will affect the Pro’s FixScore. If you really like the Pro, you should also endorse the Pro. Please note that your comments and endorsements will appear on the Pro’s profile page to give members a good overall picture of the Pro. That’s how Fixetude members help each other find the best local Pros.

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Handyman Services in SF Bay Area from Local Professionals

Welcome to Fixetude! Fixetude is a community where homeowners meet local handymen, electricians, painters and other skilled professionals who provide handyman services and home repair services in San Francisco Bay Area. We help homeowners find pros who are trusted and endorsed by members of the community. We also eliminate guesswork from handyman prices on various popular services. If you have a small or large project, you can find the right local handyman right here.

We assume you would agree with us when we say that:

  • Even small home improvements and home repairs can make a big difference when done right
  • It is better to employ the skills and experience of a local handyman rather than do things by yourself
  • Handyman professionals have all the tools you would otherwise have to buy or rent (and pay more as a result)
  • Pros know which materials, parts and supplies your project requires - no time wasted on extra trips to the store because you didn’t get it right the first time (sounds familiar?)
  • You want to know what your neighbors think about local handyman
  • You don’t want to waste time searching for contractors and negotiating handyman prices, you want to know prices upfront and yet have the final word on who you want to do the job.

    Well, if you agree with the above, Fixetude is right for you. Join today. It’s FREE for homeowners. Pros pay us a small fee when homeowners select them to provide handyman services.

    Using Fixetude is easy. We split all home repairs and handyman services by specialities you may need: Plumbing, Electrical, Lighting, Doors, Painting and Super Pro when you need a jack of all trades. Pick a service or services and submit your request. All handyman services have fixed prices, which the local handymen have agreed to. If you prefer to consult with a pro first or pay a pro by hour, we have two options for that too. Once you submit the order, we do the hard work for you - we notify several Bay Area handymen that match your needs and request their services. It all happens automatically using our cloud and mobile technologies.

    All you need to do after that is to select a pro you like. Fixetude provides everything it “knows” about the handyman: handyman’s overall rating Fixetude Score, endorsements from homeowners and fellow pros, homeowner reviews (we ask homeowners to rate received handyman services), and pro’s self-declared assurances. Pros assurances may include pro’s personal work guarantee, state licenses as well as work insurance and bond information. Confirm your pro and we will notify that pro and pass your contact information at that point - we share your contact information only with pro you confirm. Pay the pro directly when the job is done to your satisfaction. For your convenience, once you confirm a pro we add your selection to your personalized My Neighborhood page, where you will find useful neighborhood information. My Neighborhood is where you share information with your friends and neighbors about local Bay Area handymen and more.

    We hope Fixetude will serve you well but we always look for ways to make it better. If you have an opinion or suggestion please use Feedback & Support page to help us improve Fixetude for you. Thanks!

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