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I used to work on CHP, Community Housing Partnership. Jones St. San Francisco, Ca 94102, as a Maintenance Supervisor since November 7, 2000 to September 20, 2013. I resigned due to a new management. Before I work to CHP, I work to TNDC, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation. Eddy St. San Francisco, Ca 94102, as a Maintenance Technician II, February 10, 1991 to April 15, 1995, promoted to Maintenance Working Supervisor April 17, 1995 to October 15, 2000.


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Elouise Mackety San Jose, CA
Timeliness Quality Cost
The job was done on 11/29/2014 he charged $105 +parts he said he will be back to move the plug higher he wanted me to give him $50. More for more parts That is not right I already spent over $50 for parts.